My topic of choice is a HOT topic for several reasons.


Since modern technology was created pornography has tremendously shaped our world. Pornography is a graphic display of human sexuality that can be traced as far back as any other sign of human intelligence. Since the camera was invented in the 19th century, porn was immediately distributed. In fact, the first movie ever made was a pornography. When the internet went public in 1991 porn immediately became available for mass consumption and distribution. Shortly after, there was also a massive investigation into child pornography. The downside to pornography is the negative effects that it has in our communities as well as the devastating child pornography rings. Throughout the ages pornography has evolved and developed, but it was not until the technological and ideological progress of the 20th century that pornography was able to find its way into every aspect of modern society based upon the internet. Porn is destructive and the root of all evil one might argue but then another might add that pornography is a healthy way of self-exploration. Either way, the history of pornography is important to understand because of the role that it plays in our society.


Pornography is a controversial topic but ever since the internet was created porn has been the NUMBER ONE USE OF THE INTERNET. PORN DOMINATES OUR INTERNET WORLD.

“Online pornography is a multibillion dollar industry where every second over 3,000 dollars are spent and almost 30,000 people are fapping.”    Porn Statistics


To some, pornography was the driving force behind the expansion of the World Wide Web.

“Pornography is regarded by some as one of the driving forces behind the expansion of the World Wide Web, like the camcorder VCR andcable television before it.[1] Pornographic images had been transmitted over the Internet as ASCII porn but to send images over network needed computers with graphics capability and also higher network bandwidth. This was possible in the late ’80s and early ’90s through the use of anonymous FTP servers and through the Gopher protocol. At this time the internet was mainly an academic and military network and there was not widespread use of the internet. One of the early Gopher/FTP sites was at tudelft and was called the Digital Archive on the 17th Floor (List of websites founded before 1995). This small image archive contained some low quality scanned pornographic images that were initially available to anyone anonymously, but the site soon became restricted to Netherlands only access.” Internet Pornography.

For others, technology just made it even more possible to share graphic images of suggestive sexual nature. It has always been known that we are sexual creatures. Back during the old days they would paint sex scenes and design sexually suggestive sculptures, so it is no surprise with the revolution the internet has created that pornography is and always has been the number one use for the internet.

The following video is a video shared from youtube that involves a skit using some actors and puppets to display how our society thinks about the internet and porn. Over and over the puppet says “the internet was made for porn.”



By the age of ten, a third of children have seen pornography. I can remember the first time that I saw porn. I was on the computer at my friend’s house and we were on MSN messaging random people in a chat room. We were fourth graders and had no clue what we were doing, we were just exploring! This person we were talking to all of a sudden sent us a graphic and definitely pornographic picture. I felt uncomfortable because we both were laughing and were like “why is she doing that?” Our generation has grown up with the free access to the internet which comes with the risks of exposure to internet porn. It is incredibly common for children and teens to see porn because of the internet, and the extreme stuff available can be damaging and desensitizing. The following radio discussion was posted to soundcloud by BBC radio.

Pornography is no secret to society. We must find out ways to abolish the horrific child sex crimes that pornography causes and to keep these images or videos of children off the internet. However, adult pornography is a choice that should be freely expressed. Sex is in our nature as human beings but we must know the boundaries.